manufacturing & safety tests

All products are thoroughly tested for safety, and extensively researched and reviewed against current scientific literature and strict global regulations. Our team of pHD formulators, expert chemists, and cosmetic scientists screen all formulas and ingredients to make sure that our products are good for the hair, safe to use, and in full regulatory compliance. We work with third-party independent experts to test and certify the quality and purity of our ingredients.

All of our products meet the safety and manufacturing requirements of the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO) and European Union Standards.

our standard procedures

We ensure safety and quality throughout our supply chain and involve all our stakeholders in the scrutiny process.

We regularly scrutinize our suppliers and verify their compliance with our high safety, regulatory & quality guidelines.

We meet all safety guidelines of leading independent and regulatory authorities to ensure our raw materials, packaging components and finished products are safe to use.

No product would reach the shelves if it does not pass safety tests first.


Where are products stored?

After our products are manufactured, they are stored with our logistics partners before being delivered to our customers. Our products are stored in a warehouse at an ambient temperature based on industry standards and confirmed by our testing protocols.

Where are products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in Pakistan and formulated in canada.

Who tests these products?

Our products undergo 3rd party testing.

Are these products safe?

Our products are developed by pHDs and cosmetic scientists and skin specialist. They undergo rigorous testing. We can safely conclude that our products are safe for use.